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Ashlee: I wish to meet the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Ashlee: I wish to meet the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

“ The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are my heros. ”

- Ashlee, 16

Green River High School Kids For Wish Kids

Her freshman year of high school, Ashlee tried out for the cheerleading team. She didn't make it. Two years later, she tried out again and made it. She is a fighter and always has been.

Ashlee was 11 years old when the brain tumors were first discovered.  She has four of them on the left side of hr brain.  The second resection surgery she had caused a stroke and paralyzed her right side.  In 2011, doctors told Ashlee that the tumor they had removed twice was growing back, and because of its location, surgery was not an option this time.  Ashlee began chemotherapy right away.  

Now 16, Ashlee has done extensive rehabilitation for the past five years.  She tried out for the high school cheerleading team as a freshman, but they told her she was not mentally ready.  In 2012, she tried out again, determined to make the team this time.  She did.  

"It was such an accomplishment for me, this is what I was born to do," explains Ashlee.

Ashlee has been watching the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders television show since the first season aired.  

"All of their cheerleaders are my heros. They are all doing something they love to do. They have inspired me to never give up, and if you want something bad enough, fight for it." 

In December of 2012, Ashlee and her family flew to Dallas, Texas.  Ashlee didn't just meet the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, she got to attend their rehearsals, watch them perform their USA Tour routines, and attend a Dallas Cowboys Football Game to watch the cheerleaders perform at halftime.  Ashlee also got to spend some extra time with her two favorite cheerleaders: Nicole Bulchur and Mackenzie Lee.

  • Ashlee with her two favorite Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

  • Ashlee and family with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

  • Ashlee had an on-field experience with her family before kickoff.

  • Ashlee attended several of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders' practices

  • Ashlee with the Dallas Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett

  • Ashlee with choreographer Judy Trammell

To have something out there like this to put smiles on children's faces, and even if it is for a brief moment, for them to forget about their sickness or illness is priceless! ”

— Dawn, Ashlee's mother

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