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Jonah: I wish to go to Disney World

Jonah- I wish to go to Disney World

“ He had a look about him that you could tell he was happy. ”

- Jonah's Mom

Jonah’s mother Cassie speaks to impact the wish had on her son and their family.

Thank you all so much for making Jonah's wish come true!!  Since Jonah was born, he has been given so many obstacles.  He was not expected to survive his first night.  When he did, he was not expected to ever go home, but when he did, he was expected him to not live past a few months, but he did!  Jonah has always been told no, or has been presented with overwhelming challenges.  His wish allowed him to be a 3 year old little boy.  Since the day he was born he has been on continuous oxygen. When we arrived in Florida, his oxygen concentrator ran out of power.  When I plugged his sensors in to see what his oxygen saturations were, his oxygen stats were 100%!  Never in his life has Jonah been able to go without oxygen. 

During our stay in Florida, Jonah did not need to wear oxygen during the day time at all.  Finally my little boy, whom has faced limitations his whole life, was able to enjoy life without being tied down.  Jonah was able to go on rides at the Magical Kingdom, he did not need to lug around his big oxygen machine or wear tubing.  He had a look about him that you could tell he was happy, and proud not to have tubes and wires hanging off of him.  Jonah was able to go on a lot of rides.  He went on his first roller coaster, this was my mistake :)  I thought we were getting on a little train, but in fact it was a little kid roller coaster.  He was tall enough, so on we went.  He sat next to me in his spot, and away we went.  He was able to go on the ride in the ball at Epcot, and really enjoyed the stars.  He went on a ride to see the Little Mermaid, and also a boat ride.  One of my most favorite moments out of the whole trip was the beach.  To see Jonah sitting on the beach, digging his toes in the sand, and allowing the tide to rush in on his legs will be an absolute priceless moment as a mother for me.  It was a very peaceful moment for the 2 of us, despite how busy the shore was, I was able to tune it all out and sit with Jonah.  

Not only was this a wonderful gift for Jonah, but for my girls as well.  When Jonah was born, my oldest daughter, Carmen, was 7 and my middle Hollie was only 21 months old.  Carmen took on a motherly role, and really started to watch out, and protect her little sister.  Hollie, who was still a baby in my eyes, had to grow up and mature quicker than I wanted her too.  Jonah spent 12 weeks in the NICU in Denver.  Every weekend Jonah's dad and I would drive down Friday night after work, and come home on Sunday.  During that time we were gone, the girls spent at my parent’s house.  When Jonah came home, they knew their lives would be different, never once did they say it wasn't fair, or complained that I spent most of my attention and time on their little brother, they just went with the flow.  

So thank you again to the sponsors of Jonah's wish!  Not only have you helped a little boy enjoy life without oxygen and live life as a 3 year old, you also helped my girls have a time of their life too!

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