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Donovan: I wish to meet my favorite celebrity

Donovan- I wish to meet my favorite celebrity

“ It was a reminder that wishes do come true, even when we are struggling. ”

- Shelia, Donovan's mom

Kelly Walsh High School Kids For Wish Kids

Donovan's wish experience as told by his mother,Sheila.

"Make-A-Wish has given a memorable gift to my son that served as a lifeline to him during the many hours of tests, treatments, nausea, surgery and hours of loneliness while undergoing his cancer treatment.  Donovan is a funny and smart young man, who like most teenagers enjoys being with his friends and family.  His other love is music.  He absolutely loves playing and listening to all types of music.

During his freshman year in school, Donovan was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma.  Our life was suddenly upside down, and my son had to face the reality, at 15 years of age, of fighting for his life.  Facing a situation like this changes your child.  The innocence that was once there is now gone.  As a parent it is hard to see them hurt, but as we slowly tried to transition back to a somewhat normal life, the one thing that put a smile on Donovan’s face time after time was talking about his wish.  We would talk about it for hours.  It was my go-to topic when I knew we needed to focus on something positive.  We talked so much about it that I was afraid when it was actually granted that he may feel let down since he had built it up so much in his mind – but it was much more than he had even imagined.

When we came downstairs from our hotel room, we were so surprised to find a limo waiting to take us to the concert.  We arrived at the concert venue, found our seats and waited to go meet the celebrity.  When the celebrity came out to meet us, I saw a smile come across Donovan’s face that I hadn’t seen since before his diagnosis.  I have no words to describe how it felt for me as a mom.  The celebrity was so kind to all of us, and he autographed everything we had brought.  We took pictures with him, and he and Donovan talked and talked.  We then made our way back to our seats to watch the opening act.  It was an amazing concert, and Donovan loved every minute.  When we were preparing to leave, the celebrity’s manager found us again and gave Donovan a few pieces of memorabilia from the concert.  The entire evening was so much more than any of us could have ever expected or even hoped for!

To say thank you for allowing my child the opportunity to do this seems like such a small expression.  It was more than just a one-time experience.  It was a lifesaver, helping him to keep afloat during his battle with cancer.  It was a bonding experience for a family that had spent so much time apart because of treatments.  It was a reminder that wishes do come true, even when we are struggling.  As a mother who deeply loves her child, I am so very grateful to everyone who made this possible."

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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