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If you could wish for anything, what would it be? Wish granting starts with that one question—a wonderful, magical question that indulges the imagination and empowers the spirit.

Francheska: I wish to have a playhouse

Wish Stories

According to Mary Poppins, "a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down." That is true for our wish kids. A wish is something to look forward to during treatments, and the impact of a wish can last for years.

Read Wish Stories
Solomon: I wish to meet Buzzlightyear

Wish Impact

Learn about the very real impacts that wishes have for wish kids, families, and everyone else touched by a wish.

Learn about the lasting impact of a wish
Ben: I wish to meet Sean Rash

I Wish to Meet

From the Jonas Brothers to NASCAR drivers, our wish kids have had some amazing celebrity wishes come true.

Codi: I wish to go to Jamaica

I Wish to Go

From the magical world at Walt Disney World to the Caribbean sun in Jamaica, wish kids have gone all over the world.

Francheska: I wish to have a playhouse

I Wish to Have

We have granted wishes for everything from horses to playhouses to puppies to hot tubs. Read some of our "I wish to have" stories...

Ian-Conner: I wish to be a zoo keeper

I Wish to Be

If you could be anything, what would you want to be? A cowboy? A zoo keeper? A home-run hitter for the Colorado Rockies?

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